Parent/Student Reviews

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Student REview

Mrs. Stone is consistently referred to as one of the best ACT tutors in Charlotte and is a ​highly recommended resource for all students of all levels. With a vast arsenal of knowledge and a caring heart, Mrs. Stone exceeds expectations through her involved and rigorous ACT content and test-taking strategies. She is a certified NC English teacher in grades 6-12 and and can help with essays (including college), reading comprehension strategies, and grammar. In fact, she has designed her own grammar curriculum that has benefitted students for a lifetime. She has also taught college classes and created professional development courses for teachers.

student review

After four years of higher education at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, two years of professional work experience in the Department of Surgery at Duke University Hospital, and my acceptance into medical school, I strongly believe that Mrs. Stone has had the most formidable impact on my academic success of any instructor in the course of my academic career thus far.
Perhaps the most enduring part of her teaching is her focus on ensuring that students have a comprehensive understanding of correct grammar. Grammar was not an afterthought in Mrs. Stone’s class; rather, it was an integral part of her daily teaching. Even during my undergraduate studies, I found myself continually surprised at my classmates’ limited understanding of proper grammar. I am profoundly grateful that Mrs. Stone structures her teaching in a way that prepares students for enduring success beyond high school. During my junior year, I found myself overwhelmed by the ACT exam. Mrs. Stone quickly eased this stress by leveraging her intimate understanding of the exam to help me improve the way I applied my knowledge to the exam. After tutoring with her and taking the exam, Mrs. Stone encouraged me to retake the exam, reassuring me that she was confident in my ability to perform at an even higher level. Looking back on this situation, if it had not been for her confidence in me, I likely would not have retaken the exam and scored high enough to obtain an acceptance from UNC-Chapel Hill. Mrs. Stone always has the best interests of her students in mind, and she is not afraid to push them to achieve their highest potential.
Keenan Caddell Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) Candidate | VCOM Class of 2025 BA Exercise & Sport Science, Chemistry Minor | UNC-Chapel